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Lancaster County Christian School (LCCS) is a vibrant and high-performing PK-12th grade Christian school delivering a premier college preparatory education to students in Lancaster County and its surrounding areas. In its academic programs, LCCS is committed to providing a rich and innovative liberal arts and sciences curriculum that instills Christian values and a biblical worldview. At every stage of their intellectual development, students are challenged to strive for excellence while developing Christ-like character.

The LCCS curriculum is well-ordered and vertically aligned to teach students the knowledge, virtue, and skill required for flourishing in life. Representing traditional academic disciplines encompassing theological, scientific, mathematical, linguistic, historical, civic, and artistic domains of knowledge, the LCCS curriculum is intellectually rigorous and intrinsically interesting. It also encompasses exciting and innovative programs in entrepreneurship, STEM, the arts, and leadership and service.

Combining both traditional and innovative teaching methods, LCCS provides a diverse student-centered academic program under the guidance of an experienced, knowledgeable, and inspiring team that cares deeply about their students and challenges them to think critically, read deeply, and engage in robust conversation about important ideas.

Above all, students at every age are taught to love learning and to apply knowledge and understanding in the service of God and mankind.

Program Options

Traditional Model

The traditional model provides a comprehensive academic program with instruction provided on campus five days per week. This model includes excellent academics that are taught from a biblical perspective. The traditional model seeks to help students grow academically and spiritually through close teacher interaction and supervision while partnering with parents throughout the process. While some might consider the traditional model the "ordinary" way to do school, our faculty and staff are dedicated to making LCCS an extraordinary experience for every student. Lower, middle, and upper school students identify their God-given gifts and callings and are encouraged to use those gifts in service to their community both inside and outside the classroom. Upper school students have experiential opportunities for growth through the Innovation Academies of Entrepreneurship, STEM, the Arts, and Leadership and Service.

University-Model® Lower School

The University-Model® at LCCS offers an alternative solution for parents desiring both the gift of time with their children and the services of a Christian school for students in grades kindergarten through 6th grade. The University-Model® was developed to preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationship and achieve a high degree of academic excellence. University-Model® students experience a five-day program; however, they are on campus part of the week. Students in kindergarten through 2nd grade spend 2 days a week on campus, and those is 3rd through 6th grade are on campus 3 days a week. The remaining days of the week (satellite days) are spent completing teacher-directed academic activities at home under the guidance of parents. Click to learn more about our University-Model® lower school.

4-Day Middle School & Upper School

The 4-Day middle & upper school program allows students in grades 7 through 12 to have the benefits of engaging classes with traditional students as well as one satellite day of teacher-directed academic activities at home under the guidance of parents (Wednesdays). This model combines LCCS's excellent academics with the ability for students to progress independently. Similar to the traditional model, upper school students in the 4-Day program also have experiential opportunities for growth through the Innovation Academies of Entrepreneurship, STEM, the Arts, and Leadership and Service.

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