The Arts

Fine Arts at LCCS equip and inspire students to discover, appreciate, develop, and refine the artistic gifts given to them by God. It provides students the opportunity to pursue their interests and use their talents in many creative and artistic arenas. Visual art opportunities include drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and videography. Performing art opportunities include concert band, string ensemble, choir, worship team, and theatre productions. Students are involved in local and regional festivals and competitions each year.

lancaster country christian school lccs arts

The Art Department encourages students to express themselves visually, focusing on the elements & principles of design. At each level, we assist students to communicate through proper composition and color theory. Students delve into a variety of media and complete a wide range of projects each year. 

lancaster country christian school lccs arts music

In the Music Department, we use music to glorify God. Throughout all grade levels, students experience improvisation and explore various standard musical forms discovering unity balanced with variety as the basis for beauty. By 7th grade, all students have learned an instrument and been part of the choir.

3rd-5th grade students learn note values, note names, and how to make music together by singing and playing classroom instruments.  In 6th grade, students form an orchestra and band. The 7th and 8th grade music class is choir. All middle and upper school student have the option to take a variety of music electives including guitar, songwriting, and worship team.  


Theatre provides a creative outlet that is essential for a well-rounded educational experience and is also an act of worship to our creative God. Producing a show brings the arts together and provides growth opportunities for all varieties of learners. Engaging the body through dance, evaluating the written and spoken word of a script, tackling set and costume design/construction, and delving into the music through a show’s score, students are challenged in a variety of disciplines. LCCS Theatre helps students develop skills not only specific to the arts, but those which they can utilize in today’s world.

In addition to producing a main stage show every spring, LCCS Theatre offers middle and upper school theatre electives that focus on theatre arts with an emphasis on performance. This is accomplished by improvisation through games and exercises, acting techniques through monologue and scene study, history of western theatre, the various roles in theatre, types of stages, etc.