Pastoral Discount

As a qualified full-time pastor, you could receive up to 50% tuition assistance from specially allocated funds.
Since pastoral salaries can vary significantly, LCCS offers pastoral financial aid based on the assessment of both a completed FACTS Grant & Aid application and the form below. Please note any personal factors such as job loss, family changes, extreme medical issues, etc. in the FACTS application.

A completed FACTS Grant & Aid application, supporting documentation, and payment to FACTS must be completed by March 30 for priority consideration. Instructions to complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application are as follows:

  • Current LCCS families - log into the Family Portal > Financial > Apply for Grant & Aid > Sign In
  • Prospective families - > Create an Account or Sign In > Apply for Grant & Aid > search for LCCS’ application using the school’s zip code (17601)

FACTS will review the Grant & Aid application and recommend an award amount to LCCS. The LCCS Scholarship Committee further prayerfully considers any personal notes that might not be reflected in the data, including pastoral roles, before making a final award determination.

If you have any questions, please contact the LCCS business office at 717-556-0711 ext. 204.

Pastoral Discount Application


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