Tuition & Financial Aid

Application Fee
  • $100
  • Alumni Discount: The application fee is waived for new students who are children of LCCS, LCS, or LWA graduates.
Enrollment Fee
  • Early Childhood: $200
  • K-12: $300
2024-2025 Tuition
Grades Annual Tuition
Preschool (3 half days) $3,320
Preschool Enrichment (3 full days) $6,100
PreK (2 full days) $4,710
PreK (3 full days) $6,420
Kindergarten $9,310
Grades 1-6 $11,420
Grades 7-12 $12,585
University-Model® Kindergarten $5,460
UM® Grades 1-6 $8,135
4-Day Grades 7-12 $11,875

Technology Fee: $150 per student (K-12)

Assisted Learning Program

Fees are in addition to regular tuition. Cap of $5,350 per student for lower school services and $8,200 per student for middle & upper school services.

Lower School:

  • Tier 3 Reading: $3,650
  • Tier 3 Math: $3,650

Middle & Upper School:

  • Directed Studies: $3,430

  • Direct Instruction Reading: $7,725
  • Direct Instruction Math: $7,725
  • Small Group Instruction: $6,470

Financial Aid

LCCS allocates funds for need-based financial aid. To allocate aid fairly, all financial aid eligibility is first determined by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment and then by a LCCS Financial Aid Committee review. New families may complete the financial aid application after the enrollment process is complete. Families who wish to apply for need-based financial aid will find the Grant & Aid application located on the Family Portal > Financial > Apply for Grant & Aid. The application, supporting documentation, and $35 FACTS fee must be complete by March 30 for priority consideration. Applications completed after April 1 will be considered for awards as funds remain available.

Multi-Child Discount

Starting with the highest tuition (for grades K-12): deduct 5% for second student, 10% for third student, and 15% for each additional student.


Qualified pastors serving full-time on a pastoral staff of a local church could receive up to 50% tuition assistance based on the assessment of your FACTS Grant & Aid application as well as the completed LCCS Pastoral Discount Application.

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