Tuition & Financial Aid

Application Fee
  • Early Childhood: $50
  • K-12: $100
  • Alumni Discount: The application fee is waived for new students who are children of LCCS, LCS, or LWA graduates.
Enrollment Fee
  • Early Childhood: $150
  • K-12: $300
2021-2022 Tuition
Grades Annual Tuition
Preschool (3 half days) $2,755
Preschool Enrichment (3 full days) $5,180
PreK (2 full days) $3,989
PreK (3 full days) $5,400
PreK (5 full days) $7,060
Kindergarten $7,989
Grades 1-6 $9,757
Grades 7-12 $10,950
UM® Kindergarten $4,627
UM® Grades 1-2 $5,175
UM® Grades 3-6 $6,875
4-Day Grades 7-12 $10,200

Technology Fee: $150 per student (K-12)

Assisted Learning Program

Fees are in addition to regular tuition. Cap of $7,165 per student for multiple services.

  • Directed Studies: $2,910

  • Direct Instruction: $6,589
  • Discovery: $6,589
  • Small Group Instruction: $5,500
  • Search & Teach: $3,289
  • QUEST: $425

Financial Aid

LCCS allocates funds for need-based financial aid. To allocate aid fairly, all financial aid eligibility is determined by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. Beginning now, you may complete and submit the online financial aid application for the following school year. Parents who wish to apply for need-based financial must complete the online application and submit required documentation by March 30 for priority consideration. Financial aid applications received after April 15 will be reviewed only as funds are available.

Multi-Child Discount

Starting with the highest tuition: deduct 5% for second student, 10% for third student, and 15% for each additional student.


Qualified pastors serving full-time on a pastoral staff of a local church could receive up to 50% tuition assistance based on the assessment of your FACTS Grant & Aid application. You must complete both the FACTS Grant & Aid application as well as the LCCS Pastoral Discount Application.

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