Admissions Process & Requirements

What are the requirements for acceptance?

  • Parents and students must be active in a Bible-believing church as affirmed by their pastor.
  • Parents and students must express and demonstrate their agreement with the school's statement of faith and handbook policies.
  • The student must exemplify by his/her attitude and lifestyle that he/she is committed to being conformed to the image of Christ, to be obedient to God's Word, and to exhibit a teachable spirit. This will be reflected in speech, respect for authority, reverence for the Lord, and in fruit evident to believers around him/her.
  • If a student has successfully completed the previous school year and his/her school work,  behavior, and diagnostic testing compare favorably to the level for which he/she is applying, the student will be placed in the grade for which he/she is applying. However, if there is evidence to show that the child may not be adequately prepared for the next sequential grade, he/she may repeat the previous grade. All grade-level placements are at the sole discretion of LCCS.

How long does the admissions and enrollment process take?

The admissions process takes approximately 7-10 days from application to finished enrollment.

Can I apply and enroll in the middle of a school year?

Yes! We accept applications throughout the year.

When can I apply for a sibling (new student of a current LCCS family) to attend LCCS?

Applications for siblings who are enrolling as new students will be accepted beginning January 20.
Apply here.

School Day Details

Please explain the extra time off in the academic calendar.

In order to reduce student and teacher stress and enhance student learning, longer breaks have been built into the academic calendar including fall break (5 days in October), Christmas break (2 weeks), winter break (5 days in February), and spring break (1 week).

Is after-school child care available?

Yes! Ater-School Care is offered each school day from 3:30-5:30 pm for students in preschool through grade 6. After-School Care is supervised by LCCS staff members. Children participate in play time, quiet study time, games, crafts, snacks (provided by parents), and a movie (every other Friday). See details and sign-up to use after-school child care here.

Does LCCS serve hot lunch daily?

Yes. Students are offered reasonably-priced, hot lunches daily as well as a full soup and salad bar. They may also bring a packed lunch from home. Learn more about the lunch program here.

Does LCCS provide transportation?

Eleven local public school districts provide busing to and from school each day. Additionally, LCCS offers a shuttle to transport students in grades PreK-12 (not preschool) before and after school between LCCS and Calvary Baptist Church/Anchor Christian Academy on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The shuttle cost is a one-time payment of $275 providing unlimited rides for the school year. See transportation details and commit to use the shuttle here.

What is the dress code?

The LCCS dress code is based on modesty and wholesomeness. We work in partnership with you as parents to promote these values. Student appearance should not distract from the academic nature of LCCS. See dress code details in the LCCS handbook.

  • Clean and neat clothing. No ripped/torn (or appears to be), tight, revealing or provocative clothing.
  • Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 3 inches from the top of the knee cap.
  • Shorts must be within 5 inches of the knee. Low-riding pants and exposed undergarments are not permitted.
  • Leggings or tights are only permitted when worn with dresses and skirts.
  • Athletic shorts and sweatpants are not permitted for Middle & Upper School students (except on special occasions). Students in preschool through 6th grade may wear neat athletic shorts, pants, and sweatpants.
  • Tops must cover the shoulders, chest/cleavage, stomach, and back. (Modest sleeveless attire is permitted for ladies). Male students must wear shirts with sleeves.
  • Tee shirts must exhibit wholesome messages and be non-distracting. Undershirts may not be worn as tee shirts.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals are permitted, but not including flip flops. Students in Preschool through 6th grade must have a strap across the heel.
  • No hats, caps, bandanas, or hoods during the school day
  • Hairstyles or colors that are extreme are not acceptable. Male students must keep their hair off the collar, above their ears and out of their eyes. Hair must be a natural color.
  • Jewelry must exhibit wholesome messages and be non-distracting. Male students may not have piercings. Gang-related apparel and accessories are not permitted.
  • No tattoo can be exposed during school hours or when participating in school related functions.

Tuition & Financial Aid

How are specific tuition amounts determined?

The LCCS Board of Trustees commissions a finance committee representing parents from both UM and traditional programs with business and financial expertise. The finance committee conducts a thorough market analysis comparing LCCS’s tuition rates to its closest Christian school competitors and examines LCCS’s current financial and enrollment position. Based on this analysis, the finance committee votes to present the LCCS board its recommendation for next academic year's tuition rates, which both strengthen the school’s financial position and ensures continuing quality and superlative value while remaining competitive in the local private school market.

How do LCCS’s new tuition rates compare to other private schools in the market?

LCCS remains competitive within the local market of private schools both in terms of its tuition rates and in terms of its high-quality value proposition. LCCS also remains committed to socio-economic diversity. Families with a demonstrated financial need can obtain substantial tuition assistance and discounted tuition rates through LCCS’s need-based tuition assistance programs.

Can I apply for financial aid before I’ve submitted a LCCS application?

Yes, apply for financial aid here.

Can I apply for financial aid before I’ve completed my tax returns?

It is recommended that you apply for grant and aid using your current year tax return. If necessary, you can upload your previous year's tax return with W2s. For those who are self-employed and do not have W2s, a current tax return must be used. The application, along with required documentation and corresponding payment, must be completed by March 1 for priority consideration.

I applied for financial aid through FACTS Grant & Aid. When will I know if my student has been awarded funds?

Notification will begin in the month of April and continue as applications are completed and funds are awarded by the scholarship committee.

Continuous Enrollment

What is continuous enrollment?

Continuous enrollment streamlines the enrollment process and tells us that you want your child at LCCS until graduation (unless you choose to opt out). There are no cumbersome reenrollment forms to fill out year after year. It also guarantees your child’s spot in the class for each subsequent year and reduces the administrative burden on school staff. Learn more about continuous enrollment.

With continuous enrollment, what if we are not sure of our enrollment plans for the coming school year?

No problem! If you are unsure of your plans for the coming school year, we advise that you provide notice of withdrawal prior to February 28 so that you are not charged the reenrollment fee for the coming year. You can then reenroll at any time when your plans become more certain. Note, however, that in choosing this option you will not be eligible for the early registration fee discount and your student will not be guaranteed a spot in the classroom.

What if I want to cancel my continuous enrollment for the following school year? Then what if I change my mind and decide to enroll?

With continuous enrollment, if you want to withdraw your student before the next school year, you must notify the Admissions Office or Head of School in writing by February 28. If you change your mind, you can reenroll anytime after February 28 and pay the new student enrollment fee.

How will I pay reenrollment fees if there is no online reenrollment?

If you have not notified the Head of School or Admissions Office of your desire to withdraw by February 28, you will be automatically reenrolled for the coming school year, and the early (discounted) registration fee will be processed through FACTS in March.