Dual Enrollment & Advanced Placement

At LCCS, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to earn college credit through taking Dual Enrollment or Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These options give students a head start on earning transferable college credits in an economical way. Both AP and Dual Enrollment courses are given a 1.1 weighting.

Advanced Placement

AP classes are college level classes taught by teachers who have been certified to teach them. Students enrolled in AP course(s) are strongly encouraged, though not required, to take the AP exam(s), which are administered in May and are the culmination of the year long course. Students will need a College Board account in order to join their AP class section. Sign in or create your College board account here.

Students electing to take the AP exam(s) will need to pay a $96 fee and register for AP exams here. Qualifying AP Exam scores earn credit, advanced placement, or both in nearly all universities in the United States and Canada and are recognized in over 100 other countries worldwide. AP exams are graded on a 5-point scale. You can find score requirements here: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/getting-credit-placement/search-policies

To view your AP scores and have them sent to colleges click here.

AP courses offered at LCCS:

AP Spanish
AP Literature and Composition
AP Language and Composition
AP Calculus AB
AP Biology (Dual enrollment offered by LBC)
AP US History
AP Government and Politics

*AP course offerings vary by year


Dual Enrollment

LCCS has partnered with LBC, HACC, Liberty University, Grand Canyon University, Colorado Christian University, and Millersville University to provide an opportunity for students to begin taking college courses while in upper school. Qualified juniors and seniors (some courses require placement testing or pre-requisites) have the opportunity to earn college General Education Credits , while attaining upper school credits. Dual credit courses are taught at the college, online, or by an approved master's-level LCCS teacher. Each course earns both college (3 or 4 credits) and upper school credits (1 LCCS credit per course). 

LBC’s jumpstart program

Students can take one tuition free course each fall and spring of their junior and senior years through the Jumpstart Program. As a Premier School Partner, LCCS students who choose to attend college at LBC after high school graduation also receive housing benefits. https://www.lbc.edu/undergraduate/admissions/jumpstart

Harrisburg Area Community College

Liberty Online Academy Curriculum

Grand Canyon University

Colorado Christian University

Millersville University

Students who want to take online courses through one of these options, please see Mrs. Habacivch for details.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Another option for earning college credit alone is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). This options allows students to demonstrate mastery in select areas by taking a proficiency exam. With a passing score, students can earn college credit.


There is a charge for each test taken. Information concerning an individual institution’s policies toward CLEP tests can be found on the college’s website.